Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 3

Hey guys,

Once again, this week has been really busy for me. Had a ton of projects due... in fact I still have one due tonight. Last week was patch 3.3.3 I believe, and with it came the new Random Battleground feature. As I predicted correctly, this ONLY made the price of [Cardinal Ruby] drop by a noticeable amount. The yellow and blue gems only dropped by a little, while all the other colors were unaffected. The price of Cardinal Ruby dropped due to the fact that most people tend to buy because they think it is "the best" gem out of all the other colors. However, if you checked out my JC spreadsheet from last week, you would know that that is not true.

Anyhow, here are the results for this week:

Total Gold : 518026

This is 25K more than last week! Not to mention I invested a lot into epic gems this week, I picked up quite a few raw epic gems. At this moment in time I have about 40 K just sitting as raw gems. Along with about 500 stacks of [Saronite Ore] which i picked up for 13g/stack. I also bought about 300 stacks of [Thorium Ore] for 8g/stack. So yeah.. I did a lot of spending this week!

- Munie

Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 2

So here it is... after an entire week... I ended up with..

482997G + 9857G = 492854G... only about 2000 more than last week lol but part of that reason is because I bought a lot of epic gems, saronite ore, and what not.

I went on a GKDP run on Friday, and picked up a [Frostbrood Sapphire Ring] for 11K. Actually, only spent about 2 K that night, because at the end of the raid everyone got 9 K gold. I was bidding on [Deathbringer's Will] with some other guy before I gave up at 45 K. At first, I was a bit caught up in my own ego thinking that I could out bid anyone so I kept bidding more and more... but then I realized there are always future runs and that 45K is a pretty steep price to pay for a trinket.. considering people got the trinket for only 11K and 13K on past runs.

Anyways, the week has been so-so for me, I wasn't home or got home really late so I was undercut by every one else. I don't know why but the enchanting scrolls market died for me because I sold very few of those. Most of my gold came from JC cuts and glyphs pulled in about only 1.4 K throughout the entire week.

I'm gonna guess that last week was spring break for many schools, so that explains the increase in sales >_>

On a brighter note.. I was randoming checking the AH for scrolls and I saw this

Pretty neat that it was only going for 300G, I wonder if the person meant to put it up for 3000G.

That concludes this week, next week is probably going to be hectic again for me. So much freaking school work :(

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jewelcrafting - Cut Recommendations

Been pretty tied up in real life, but all you JCers or soon to become JCers will be glad for this one. It took me a little while to put this together, so I hope this will be of good use to you all.

So what I did was I went to the BeanCounter section of my auctioneer and manually typed up this spreadsheet.

Through this it should give you a good idea of which cuts unload the best, and which cuts to avoid unless you want to collect all the epic cuts.

Looking at my spreadsheet, I would say that these are the best selling cuts

Solid Majestic Zircon
Reckless Ametrine
Balanced Dreadstone
Purified Dreadstone
Bold Cardinal Ruby
Bright Cardinal Ruby
Delicate Cardinal Ruby
Fractured Cardinal Ruby
Runed Cardinal Ruby
Brilliant King's Amber
Quick King's Amber
Rigid King's Amber
Smooth King's Amber

*Note* that best selling does NOT = to most profitable cuts!

Download the spreadsheet: Click Me!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jewelcrafting - Selling Cuts

Before I start explaining how I work the JC industry, I just wanted to thank all of you readers and subscribers so far... without you guys I'd probably lose interest in blogging very quickly. I don't really know, but there just seems to be something exciting about seeing your reader number climb from 0 to 9 (haha.. I know that's still a low number... so subscribe!). I'd love to hear more from you guys (whether it be complaints, questions, or criticism), so leave me a comment or send me an email!

I'm sure some of you are curious as to how I make money with JC. The answer is - I sell cuts. Which cuts you ask? Almost every single cut.

Epic Quality Gems

I have two characters listing epic gems. Yes, you heard me! I have two characters named ALPHA and BETA. With ALPHA, I list one of every single RED, YELLOW, AND BLUE cut on the AH for 48 Hours and a price of 290G. Normally, cut gems for these colours go anywhere from 180G to 250G. On BETA, I list/undercut one of every single epic gem cut using QuickAuctions3. For BETA, I only use the 12 hour deposit because I KNOW that on my server that I will be undercut before I reach 24 hours, so I never bother with anything over 12 hours. There are several reason why I even bother listing with ALPHA listed below:

1. This helps me set a "threshold" for people to undercut from and helps me keep the market value high.
2. Using a different character will arouse less suspicion. If I listed [Delicate Cardinal Ruby] on BETA for 180G and 290G, people will know that that the 290G is a jacked up price. So, having ALPHA list helps disguise the fact that the item is over priced.
3. It feels hella awesome when the ones I list at a markup actually sell. It feels good when you just sold a gem for 290G when the uncut gem is going for 170G. Easy 120G profit.
4. Believe it or not, but people actually buy the 290G gem even when there are OTHER GEMS on the AH for cheaper. I could never quite understand this, but its not even an addon issue. I'm talking about cases where there are only 3 [Delicate Cardinal Ruby] on the AH, two of them selling for 220G and mine selling for 290G and some guy comes in and buys mine. It always give me a good chuckle while I relist another for 290G.

Epic gems sell well almost all of the time, usually best on Tuesdays-Thursdays. However, I've run into some crazy weekends where I've sold more epic cuts on a Sunday than Tuesday-Thursday combined.

Rare Quality Gems

Many people have forgotten about this market, but it is still a VERY profitable market. I profit around 10G-45G for these cuts. These sell best on Sat/Sun due to people leveling and gear up their alts. For these, I post 1 of each for 24 Hrs.

Meta Gems - This market is avoided by a lot of people. I used to avoid it too... until I found a transmute master to make me a couple stacks of each meta gem. These sold very well at the beginning of the last patch, but now the demand for them have dropped. I list these at 12 Hr intervals.

Green Quality Gems

This market really really surprises me sometimes. Green gems are worth about 1.3G-2G on my server. I sell non-perfect cuts like [Delicate Bloodstone] for 8 G and the perfect cuts [Perfect Delicate Bloodstone] for 15G. I only sell RED, YELLOW, and ORANGE gems for these. The others are rarely used and are not worth my time collecting out of the mail and relisting. For green quality gems, I post them at 48Hrs, since the competition is so low that I can expect not to be undercut for them.

Jewelcrafting Epics

This market is nearly dead, however, I still manage to sell crafted epics for 450G+ above their material price. I list these at 48 Hr intervals since competition is even lower than the green quality gems.

That pretty much wraps it up in terms of what I sell. I will be doing a post soon on my statistics for each cut to help you guys get a good idea of which cuts are worth getting first.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 7

Below shows the results for this fine Tuesday. School work is really starting to pile up, and I feel that daily stats are pretty pointless after a while. I'll just post an update on my personal progress every week starting from today.

Meanwhile, I'll be posting more gold making tips... so stay tuned!


Day 6

Sorry for late post. Anyways, here are results for day 6, which pretty much wraps up this week since I started this blog on a Wednesday. I withdrew about 5000 for materials earlier which explains the drop in gold.

So this week I gained about 36K from sales. As for how much actual profit that is... to be honest I'm not sure XD

Monday, March 15, 2010

Essential Addons

The information contained in this post should be not be anything new to many people since almost every blog out there has their own little post on which addons to use. However, I'm still going to go ahead and do one of these just in case there are some newer players that don't know about these. I personally don't think I would even bother trying to make gold anymore if these addons suddenly disappeared (I actually feel this way whenever a new patch hits lol). Also, I don't think my blog would be "complete" if I don't do a post on this.

One of the most essential addons for anyone that cares about gold. My favorite feature of it are the percentage column for items that it displays and it's Easy BuyOut/Cancel feature. I recommend you get this at the very least.

This addon is a must if you are mass crafting. It allows you to check what items your alts are holding so you know what to restock without char hopping.

I'm really kicking myself for getting this addon only 2 weeks ago. This speeds up your mailing process by an insane amount of time. I love mailing 60 items in 2 seconds with a single mouse click.

Best. Addon. Ever. Period. Pretty much what you want is the OPEN ALL function, which automatically collects all the mail you have. Of course you can configure it to not pick up some mail.

This is probably the only reason I sell things on the auction house. Not only does this addon undercut other people in auctions, but it help you scan for which auctions you are undercut in.

KevTool Queue
"Kev Tool Queue (KTQ) will auto queue items that match a keyword into skillet. You tell it how many you want to have and it will check with altoholic to see how many you already have. It will then only craft the ones you need. It also has optional support for auctioneer to check prices and have it skip any item listed too low. You can use any keyword, but it has a few built in."

The most useful fuctions I use are:

/ktq queue 2 epicgems
/ktq queue 2 raregems
/ktq queue 5 glyphs

By typing the commands listed above, I can automatically restock any gems/glyphs that have been sold out.

"ºBuilt-in queue for creating multiple, different items
ºUser editable list of notes attached to reagents and crafted items.
ºAutomatically buy reagents for queued recipes when visiting a vendor"
You need this in order for KTQ to work.

This addon helps keep track of your gold flow.

Day 5

So today I was bored and was flipping around my auctioneer when I decided to check out how much money I've earned off auctions. I nearly shit my pants when I saw 1.3 million. (At first I was like wtf? 130K? That can't be right?!" Anyways, after including how much I've spent at the AH , it boils down to a total of 700K... Pretty decent I guess? >_>

Anyways, today was a lucky day! Look at how nicely the number just happened to fit into my guild bank :D

Just a little follow up on my previous post: I sold about 14 [Rituals of the New Moon] today, which equals to GG profit!

Stay tuned for more updates and gold making tips!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Inscription - Rituals of the New Moon

I really have to thank Tella for this one... I've done this a few times already, and the results have been... well... lets let the screenshots speak for themselves.

Look at that .. in a mere 8 minutes I made an approximate of 1050g profit. The only draw back to selling this item is you have to advertise it, and the amount of sales will start to decrease dramatically after the first few times you do it. Nevertheless, this is really worth doing once in a while.

If you happen to have Inscription... try it out! Leave a comment below and tell me how it goes!

EDIT: Here is a good way to advertise this item.
Have your character equip one of these, and /dance in the most popular city of your faction (eg, on top of SW fountain, or on a mailbox beside the AH).

What you get is a rather large wolf standing on its hind legs along with A LOT of curious people all around you checking you out! It's quite funny because you can click on everyone around you and see how many of them are looking at you XD

Day 3&4

Been busy IRL, was out a lot for the past 2 days. Below shows results for day 3 and 4. Will be putting up a better post tomorrow.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 2

Yesterday was a sad sad day T_T (I'm writing this on Day 3). I have various alts for various auction house purposes. Their names are pretty self explanatory as you can see...

Anyways, I had already deleted Buymyglyphs and Buymyenchant because I wanted some new alt names for auction house PVP purposes. When I got to Buymygems I had cleared out all gems in my inventory and bank. But the one thing I forgot to do was to send the gold he was carrying to another alt. So BAM... I lost 3.8 K just like that ._.
I've sent in a ticket asking if I could get the money back.

On a brighter note, I sold a buttload of stuff yesterday

For those that are wondering, I make money mainly via JC / Enchanting. I'm also a light seller in the glyph market.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Effective Cross-Faction Trading

As many of you all know, it is possible to create both a Horde and Alliance character on the same account. It doesn't take much to figure out that there is a profit to be made if a stack of [Adder's Tongue] is selling for 20G on the Horde side and only for 10G on the Alliance Side. In fact, I even know of some Chinese gold farmers that did this when I drove them out with my nonstop undercutting on epic gems. They simply took their gems to opposite faction to sell.

On my server, [Adder's Tongue] and [Icethorn] was going for 25-34G/stack on the Horde Side, while I found about 150 stacks of them for only 8-15G/stack on the Alliance Side. That's around an instant 2.5K profit!

So what exactly do you need to do this?

- Either two accounts, or a trusty friend
- Some starting gold for investing

Step 1. Make a character of the opposite faction on both accounts.

Lets say you are Alliance A, and your friend is Alliance B. Make a new alt called Horde B, and a have your friend make an alt called Horde A. As long as Alliance B and Horde B are on separate accounts (you can't bid on auctions on the same account) you are fine.

Step 2. Park Alliance A and Horde A in any major city beside the auction houses.

Step 3. Check for items worth transferring and buy them.

Some examples are: flasks, abyss crystals, greater cosmic essences, herbs, etc. Remember that there is a 5% auction house cut on all sales. However, this amount should be negligible.

Step 4. Send Alliance B and Horde B to Stranglethorn Vale.

Step 5. Alliance A sends items to Alliance B, Alliance B posts on neutral AH while Horde B grabs items immediately. Horde B then sends items to Horde A.

I like to transfer flasks because they stack nicely, but let's say you want to transfer cut gems. What I do is set up Quick Auctions 3 for epic gems, make the fallback price to 1 copper and mass post... but make sure your friend is ready to buy the items!

Step 6. Horde A sells the transferred goods, finds items worth selling on the Alliance side, and follows similar procedures listed above.

Note: You want to AVOID TRANSFERRING GOLD. You can transfer a little amount initially to pay for auction house deposits and such, but the neutral auction house has a huge auction house cut (15%), so if you transfer gold directly you will most likely end up with a loss.

Note 2: There are actually a couple of different combinations of alts that you can do this with. Find one that suits you best.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 1

Not a bad day today, pulled in around 5 K today. Of course, this is not pure income (material costs have not been accounted for), although a good 50% of it is.


It's currently 11:30 PM here and I have two midterms tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM... with that being said, today's post will be rather short.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A new blog is born!

Since this is the first post, I feel that a brief intro is due.

I'm just some guy studying at some university in Canada. Because of school work and such, I am unable to raid hardcore so all my gear obtained is from PuGs :( I started making gold from around October 2009. I'm currently at around 450K in pure gold and I am now aiming for 1 million... so consider this blog the progress of me going from 0 to 500K all over again.


I will be posting gold making tips as I go along, so be sure to check back every so often!