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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Knowledge Is Power!

As promised, here begins the series of posts that will offer general advice on wow gold making. It's quite a bit of text, so if you don't wanna read all the crap just skip to the bottom for a short summary.

Knowledge is power (excuse the cliche)! Why do you think so many parents push their children to do well in school? If you go to this website and click on the education tab, you can see that most countries spend at least 10% of their annual budget on education.

What does this have anything to do with making gold in WoW? It should be pretty obvious that if you were one of the first people to read about how Frozen Orbs were going to be changed in the up coming patch, you could have made a bit of profit.

So how does one gain knowledge? Knowledge comes naturally with experience. The more you play, the more you will become familiar how items, professions, and game chances are related to each other. Having said that, you should always, always READ PATCH NOTES everyday. The latest ones can be usually be found at . This is one of easiest ways to gain information to help you plan future investments. For example, if you read about how a change that is going to cause epic gem prices to soar next patch, it would probably be a good idea to buy out all of uncut epic gems in the AH and trade channels.

Another way to gather knowledge is by browsing other gold making websites! Well, I guess I don't really need to tell you that since you are already here :P I know there are a lot of really popular sites such as justmytwocopper, hitthecap, etc ... but don't forget to check out some of the smaller blogs (like mine), sometimes they have really useful information! Don't just look at the front page either, you gotta dig around in older posts for some of the really good stuff. Here are a few sites I recommend looking at:

- Justmytwocopper (A lot of you were probably led to my site from him... Thanks Markco!)
- Hit The Cap! (A great progress blog, you want to read all her older posts, as they contain valuable information)
- Tarou Wow Guides (Check out his free gold guides! They are accompanied with YouTube Videos, and generally cover all you need to know about professions)
- Wow Confidential (Great site, neat layout with nice posts to follow)
- Anaalius's Gold Hunt (Nice blog, lots of useful information for the general player)
- Stokpile (Very detailed blog, has lots of helpful posts about professions!)

Don't forget that too much knowledge can also be a bad thing! It can lead you to make poor investment choices. When you read patch notes, remember that patch notes are only patch notes! Anything can be changed before the patch is implemented onto all servers! For instance, when epic gem transmutes were first introduced on mmo-champion and on public test realms, there were no cooldowns at all! Many people on the server began mass buying forest emeralds. Obviously, it was too good to be true, and a few days later a cooldown was implemented. As a result, the majority of people that jumped onto the bandwagon lost gold XD.

In Summary

- Learn how different items and professions are connected to each other
- Read patch notes
- Check out other blogs

That's it for this post! Whew, I'm exhausted from that typing (and you are probably tired from reading all my crap). Good luck and check back soon for more updates!

- Munie

PS. Please take a quick moment to leave a comment! I don't want to spend my time writing stuff if people don't actually read! So if I get no comments, my motivation to continue blogging takes a huge plunge...also contributing to why I don't update. lol. So, if you wanna see more soon, please let me know with a quick comment :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Week XXX

So.. I don't even know what week it is anymore :P

All I know is I gave away 50K and made back 40 K since I last posted, so thats put me back at 590K. I have minimal interest in WoW at the moment, which explains my slow ass updating >_> Also got myself a part time job and a full time job... so I'm juggling two jobs and a whole bunch of other stuff right now. (I'm still playing Diablo 2)


Instead of spoon feeding you step by step procedures on how to make gold, I have decided to start on a series of posts that will give more general information.

I'll start making a list of the topics right now and edit as I think of more stuff.

I. Knowledge is Power... In most cases
II. Using Resources
III. I Farmed It!
IV. Farming / Grinding
V. Doing Dailies Daily
VI. Auction House Tips
VII. Chinese Gold Farmers
VIII. Auction House PVP

Stay tuned for these posts! I guarantee you they will be helpful! (Yes, I will be updating more often now)

- Munie

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week 7

Hey guys! Of course I got unbanned from two weeks ago.. but I still have finals so I haven't been logging on or undercutting much for that matter~ But I'll be done in 2 more days so yay me :D

Well.. finals aren't all the reason why I haven't been posting or undercutting... I kinda got myself addicted to Diablo II. Lol.. so.. yeah.. if you happen to play on USWest Ladder or use JSP lemme know xD

Anyhow.. I'm exactly at the 600K mark! Woot woot~~

I noticed that my people still check my blog everyday.. which is pretty cool! Thanks guys XD

*Unless of course it is actually only Egge or Obu spamming the F5 button on my page and brining my hopes up*

- Munie

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Banned... again?

Rofl, so my account has been banned.... AGAIN! It's only been 5 days since the last time this happened, and they have decided to close my account permanently again =_=

Seriously.. what the shit is up with the customer service? I reported a gold farmer like a week ago and all I get is a totally irrelevant ticket response telling me the proper way to deal with phishing emails. Instead of banning the gold farmer they ban me twice in a row? Freaking RAGE (okay I lied, I'm not actually that mad for some reason).

Lets hope I don't meet up with some jack ass GM this time.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 5

Results for Week 5
Going to be short updates for a while since exam period is coming up next week!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

[Saronite Ore]

Today's post will focus on the raw material Saronite Ore. There are many, many things that you can do with Saronite Ore depending on what professions you have. Of course, having multiple professions will work to your advantage. The main rule of thumb for Saronite Ore is to buy ALL stacks that are priced under 12g 50s. Since you can convert a stack of Saronite Ore into ten Saronite Bars. Each Saronite Bar can be sold to the vendor for 1g 25s.


As mentioned above, if you can find Saronite Ore for less than 12g 50s a stack, buy it out and turn them all into bars and vendor them.


Craft Eternal Belt Buckles, these will be your best sellers. You can also craft the Savage Saronite Rare PVP Set or the Ornate Saronite Rare PVP Set. In addition, there is [Saronite Bulwark], [Titanium Weapon Chain] and [Titanium Shield Spike]. Also, don't forget about the titansteel epics!


The main option here would be [Heartseeker Scope] I believe. I could be wrong so let me know if you find something else worth crafting.


Prospecting ore as a JC can be very profitable. To check if prospecting is worth it, use this formula that I stole from Wowhead's comment section for Saronite Ore.

5 Saronite Ore == 0.24*(MT+SR+SS+FE+AG+TO)/6 + 1.08*(SC+DJ+HC+Ch+SuC+Bl)/6

SR=Scarlet Ruby; MT=Monarch Topaz; AG=Autumn's Glow; FE=Forest Emerald; SS=Sky Sapphire; TO=Twilight Opal; SC=Shadow Crystal; DJ=Dark Jade; HC=Huge Citrine; Ch=Chalcedony; SuC=Sun Crystal; Bl=Bloodstone

If the left side is greater than right side, dont bother prospecting.
If the right side is greater than the left side, prospecting is profitable!

Usually, prospecting is worth it, but just in case your server is a bit different you should put it into the formula to check.

Remember, all blue quality gems are worth a minimum of 4g 50s (vendor value after being cut), and all green quality gems are worth a minimum of 50s (vendor value after being cut).

So what to do with all the blue quality gems? Cut them and sell on AH! To help you get started on which cuts to buy first, you may want to check out my post on Jewelcrafting Cuts found here.

There are more options for what to do with the green quality gems.

0. Create Icy Prisms.

1. Cut and sell them on the AH. I only bother doing this with the Bloodstones though, since the other ones have fairly cheap rare quality versions. I usually get around

2. Cut and Vendor.

3. Craft and AH. You can sell [Bloodstone Band], [Sun Rock Ring], [Crystal Citrine Necklace], [Crystal Chalcedony Amulet], [Dark Jade Focusing Lens], [Shadow Crystal Focusing Lens] and [Shadow Jade Focusing Lens]. I don't sell any of these myself, since the demand is pretty low. However, if you can somehow advertise the focusing lens for social use, it could be a good seller.

4. Craft and Vendor. You can craft [Bloodstone Band], [Sun Rock Ring], [Crystal Citrine Necklace], [Crystal Chalcedony Amulet]. Each of these are worth 3g 14s to a vendor. It takes 5 seconds to craft each, so use this following formula to figure out approximately how much you gain per hour.

Total Profit Per Hour = 3.14 - (Green Gem + (Eternal Earth/5)) * 720

5. Craft and DE. Similar to craft and vendor, except if you have Enchanting you can DE the rings instead. On my server this is actually less profitable than the vendor route.

Total DE Profit = 0.75(2*Infinite Dust) + 0.22(1.5*Lesser Cosmic Essence) + 0.03(Small Dream Shard)

*Note: I'm actually a little unsure of the formula above... but I think it is right*


If you have an Alchemist (or better yet, a Transmutation Master), you can create [Earthsiege Diamonds] and [Skyflare Diamonds]. Since I don't have a X-mute master, what I usually do is I tip a transmutation master according to how many procs he gets.

I think thats pretty much it. Feel free to leave a comment on how your sales go!