Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week 7

Hey guys! Of course I got unbanned from two weeks ago.. but I still have finals so I haven't been logging on or undercutting much for that matter~ But I'll be done in 2 more days so yay me :D

Well.. finals aren't all the reason why I haven't been posting or undercutting... I kinda got myself addicted to Diablo II. Lol.. so.. yeah.. if you happen to play on USWest Ladder or use JSP lemme know xD

Anyhow.. I'm exactly at the 600K mark! Woot woot~~

I noticed that my people still check my blog everyday.. which is pretty cool! Thanks guys XD

*Unless of course it is actually only Egge or Obu spamming the F5 button on my page and brining my hopes up*

- Munie


  1. What botting program do you use? Can you share it with me?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The bot program you sent me is written in Korean and doesn't work, and now I get pop ups all the time.... and some new antivirus that keeps telling me that I'm infected..

  4. Watsup munie! I was wondering where u've been in-game?? This is a really nice blog u got here! I was led here from the JMTC blog, he had some nice things to say bout u :) anyways keep up the awesome work here!
    Take it easy!

  5. Munie,

    Didd it take blizzard 2 weeks to process your claim and investgate your account ? My account is currently banned they said their doing an internal investigation. I was hacked prior to my account being disabled just trying t o find out about how long it will take.