Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Banned... again?

Rofl, so my account has been banned.... AGAIN! It's only been 5 days since the last time this happened, and they have decided to close my account permanently again =_=

Seriously.. what the shit is up with the customer service? I reported a gold farmer like a week ago and all I get is a totally irrelevant ticket response telling me the proper way to deal with phishing emails. Instead of banning the gold farmer they ban me twice in a row? Freaking RAGE (okay I lied, I'm not actually that mad for some reason).

Lets hope I don't meet up with some jack ass GM this time.


  1. The Gem market is totally messed up dude, cut rubies are selling for 130, I dunno what to do, I may just stop selling...


  2. About a month ago, I had my account suspended for 72 hours because of gold selling. For clarity, I have never sold gold nor has my account ever been hacked. More likely my activity in the AH triggered an automated tool of some sort and auto-suspended me.

    I wrote a letter to Blizzard explaining the situation. While they were painfully slow to respond, Blizzard did subsequently apologize for the mistake and removed the false black mark from my record. In my followup letter, I also requested some assurance that they would not make a similar mistake again. While they were vague, they said arrangements had been made along these lines. My guess is that they reduced the sensitivity on the auto-suspend tool or now require actual human verification before a suspension.

    Anyhow, I would encourage you to contact Blizzard with a similar request. They've screwed up twice now, so it's only reasonable for you to start asking questions about whether they intend to steal away your game experience again in the future.